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c2 the muthafuckenplumba [Mar. 15th, 2004|01:03 pm]
[mood |pissed offpissed off]
[music |born country-alabama]

hey im craig
and just reciently i quit my bullshit job at mcdicks and now im a plumber apprentice
we burnt my uniforms from my old job it was fun.. on the place to where we burnt my uniforms i fuct my car up kinda.. we removed teh part that broke and then i made weird noises for awhile but tis all good now.. oh and also i fell for this chick and we "hooked up" the other night and now shes saying shit to her friends about me thats total BULLSHIT but shes to much of a fucken pussy to say it to me so next chance i get shes going to get a piece of my mind..
I WENT RIDING LAST NIGHT it was fucken wicked, just me and ziggy crusin.. then he went over to his buddies moms friends house where he eventually had sex with her.. HAHAHAHA but shes only 25 so its acctually wicked unfortunatly she isnt' a hot mom tho just old enough to be one. but thats all for now
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(no subject) [Feb. 23rd, 2004|08:20 pm]
[mood |crappycrappy]
[music |none..]

today felt like shit
woke up with mad lack of sleep on the floor up in res by the sound of my cell phone going off
me and brad planned to go to tabour to board. we went it sucked we came home.. went ot go jib.. no one was really in the mood.. it sucked we left.. went to sesh the table at teh hart hill.. my boss kicked us off.. so we left.. then i came home and people tried to talk to me.. that sux so now i bitch.
but i will be moving out as soon as i pay off my fucken car
oh and mickdicks is nolonger my employer.. well kinda but my last shift is thursday. after that i start full time at equity plumbing and heating.. thats right ima be a fucken plumber but w/e it will alow me enought money to enjoy life more
im going to quit bitching cause its makin me realise how much this is pissin me off
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thing i got off kellys live journal [Feb. 1st, 2004|09:10 pm]
[mood |i will eat ice cream soon :)]
[music |chicks dig it-chris cagle]

*Name: craigtwo
*Were you named after anyone?: ya J2
*Do you wish on stars?: only the shooting ones:)

*Have you ever consumed gasoline? no but it smells good.. maybe its just the torque lover in me

*Which finger is your favorite finger? obviously the middle one cause it saves u from haveing to swear at people:)

*When did you last cry?: while snowboarding today my eyes started watering a lil bit cause the wind and snow and stuff

*If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play you?: well since im not dead yet and need a new job i would play me obviously

*Do you like your handwriting?: no

*Who are you jealous of?: ne one whos making something of them selves while i work full time.. but that will change in september

*What is the most important thing in your life?: would have to say board or bike.. haha but its true

*Have you ever screamed at your feet?: sure haven;t.. bitched at them in normal voice tho because they are too big

*What is your favorite lunch meat?: blackforest ham

*Any bad habits?: nail chewer

*If you were another person, would you want to be friends WITH you?: possibly less i was a total moron then im sure i wouldn't like me

*Are you a daredevil?: some say it is so

*Do you follow or lead?: fuck following.. u only live once live ur life

*Do you play with your food?: if its gross i tend to

*Have you ever had someone else play with your food?: weird.

*Have you ever told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?: prolly have

*Have you ever stolen anything?: gas.. food from work.. wax from work..

*Do you pray?: only if i think im about to die or crash bad off a drop or jump.. but i prolly shouldn't i think i decided im not christian ne more

*Have you ever met anyone famous?: just a few bikers.. wade simmons, robbie "air" bourdon ect.

*Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? no but lepricans are pricks

*Are you trendy?: um trends tend to be preppy.. fuk the preps

*What do you do to vent anger?: i break shit or break me trying

*Who is your second family?: prolly teh chubys but i don't go there much ne more.. laine and jordan have accepted me.. haha i live in res on weekends

*Do you trust others easily?: no people are bastards

*What class in school did you think was totally useless?: english, socials, physics, math after grade 10, art.. im sure theres more but i choose to forget them

*Do you like sappy love songs?: not normally cept that one from the mandy moore movie where she dies

*Have you ever been on radio or T.V? i won a cd they played that

*Do you have a journal?: not ne more.. should tho i forget most of my life :(

*Have you ever hurt another person?: ya daniel peirce but thats alright cause hes a fucken moron and i have no respect for him he made my life hell for awhile and i fuct him up a lil.. :) and all cause he didn't like the fact that i egged his car.. haha good times

*Have you ever given advice to others: ya "do it later lets go bike"

*Do you feel understood most of the time?: no

*What is your nickname?: craigtwo, C2

*Have you ever given money to a bum?: ya there was this wicked one we walked by everyday in disney land we gave him quite a bit

*What are you worried about right now?: laine and his 15 foot fall onto his back on flat ice and him not wanting to go to emerge

*Do you think you are strong, physically, mentally, emotionally?: cept cardio

*What's your favorite scent?:mary jane gives off a nice aroma under heat :) - don't do that no more tho :(

*Lip Gloss: that one kelly was wearing at the hand shaker.. think it was a berry one

*Favorite color: red and black

*Pets: mullet-ma dog

*What time is it right now? 5 o'clock somewhere

*Last movie you saw in theater?: kill bill i think

*What languages do you speak?: canadian

*What do you look for in a friend?: similar intrests and they can't talk about them selfs.. cept logan hes fucken wicked and hes so cocky

*What do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?: similar intrests, have to love adrenaline at least 1/4 as much as i do, and can't be bitchy

*Do you have a crush on anyone?: um.. let me think.. no not really.. but would love to get to know that chick from tabour a lil better.. oh ya shes a boarder

*Who?: not to sure unfortunatly

*How many people are on your buddy list?: i think 2.. maybe not even that many

*Who's your favorite relative: uncle rob the rest are to mature.. HAHA

*What type of music do you like?: metal, rock, punk, emo, country, rap, hip hop, the list goes on.. cept pop it gets the big fuk u

*What C.D's in your C.D. player right now?: tu pac nu remixes

*What does your school look like?: i don't attend

*Do you go to private or public school?: fuck off.(well put kelly)

*Do you want to get married?: ya but only after i live life

*What's something you do that TICKS off your friends?: mad lack of memory

*Favorite Name for a girl: andrea

*Favorite Name for a boy: keenen and clayton

*Ever been to England: no

*Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?: somewhere warm prolly

*What do you think of the song,"Pretty Fly 4 a White Guy"?:
reminds me of keenen

*Vegetarian?: no i eat animals

*Know anyone who is?: kellys hardcore

*If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?: southern rockies north of the boarder

*What time is it now?: 9:55
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good fucken weekend [Feb. 1st, 2004|09:06 pm]
[mood |alive and bitchin:)]
[music |its 5 o'clock somewhere-alan jackson]

i boarded alot
and mastered backside boardslides on the bike rack
so pumped :)
also got drunk a few times
and didn;t die
oh but laine ate shit today ona rail which is 15 feet off the ground he landed on flat ice and broke thru it coughing up blood 4 awhile.. apparently hes alright tho now
i sure hope so
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apparently all i ever do on here is bitch.. tahts all i have to write about [Jan. 26th, 2004|01:45 pm]
[mood |pessimisticpessimistic]
[music |mouth of war-pantera]

ya so this weekend laine and i sure didn't end up snowboarding we were planning on taking the bus up to PK mainly so i wouldn't have to drive.. but they weren't open sunday and justin was going sunday so he wanted to also.. long story short.. it snowed alot and i haven't snowboarded in it at all. my buddy mike has alot of rails set up in his back yard so when it warms up a bit were going to go sess them :) some lil fucker vandalised the ski hill that im supposed to work at and they might shut it down since its a none profit organizeation and the owners are pist about the shit they did cut the rope off one tow.. and about 25 handles off the other one(almost like a T bar but singles) theres a 2 grand reward 4 the punks that did it and my buddy told me who apparently did it so i just need some proof:) then i have no more car payments:):):) oh and another note might move to kelowna in september and either go to school or just split rent in a house with justin when he goes to school there and mike will room with us too but that enough from me oh and kelly tell everyone to add me cause i don't know there usernames.. less u want to type them all out on here peeeeeeece
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whats that 2 liner... bus to PK on teh weekend.. FUCK YA [Jan. 22nd, 2004|05:25 pm]
ya other then my name my day sucked... YA
showed up 4 my 3rd interview at princess auto(seems like i'd be making it towards a job but really they have 5-7 interviews b4 they hire u there) but as soon as i walked in they decided to tell me that... ya fuk u cause our punk head of office in ontario can't afford to hire ne new staff but we will still keep doin interviews and then maybe be able to hire u in march aprilish if ur sucessful... ya so that was cool

fuck it im prolly going boarding with 2 liner on the weekend
life will get better life will get better life will get better

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so tired.. [Jan. 11th, 2004|05:02 pm]
[mood |soresore]
[music |chutes and ladders -Korn]

ya well today we went to tabour(2 liner and myself)
the snow was SHIT!! SO choppy but it was still lots of fun.
got 2 ride his K2-darkstar board.. and pretty sure im going to get one of em instead of a new canyon next year
so sore now tho cause of the chatteryness of the shit we were boarding on. but w/e i got out boarding.. next weekend prolly gonna hit up PK :)
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oh happy days [Jan. 10th, 2004|05:29 pm]
[mood |hornyhorny]
[music |awake-godsmack]

ya so last night was FUCKEN WICKED
sure did get hammered
sure did chill with laine and jordan
sure did choose horny as a joke
sure did funnel my first ever beer.. twice
sure did also drink alot of rum and fruitopia
sure is the best mix ever
sure did have to wake up 5 1/2 hours after i went to bed only to find i was still buzzin
sure did have to work 8 hours at the hill
sure did go downtown only to find out that the place was closed where i gotta pay my ticket
sure am going boarding tommorow with laine out at tabour
sure will throw my roof rack on ma car tonight so i can pack the boards with class
sure will (possibly) get drunk again tonight with justin only to find out he bitched outta tommorow to work an extra shift

oh ya life doesn't suck on the weekends
the res partys were kinda crazy... we found a few... laine hit his head off of many walls and doors... and put his foot thru the wall in his room... all in all fuck i love being drunk.. and NO that don't make me a liquoraholic so fuck u
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life will be better starting... TONIGHT!!! [Jan. 9th, 2004|02:36 pm]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |none- need to play more music while on the comp]

yes live is starting to look up 4 me reasons
-got off work at mcdonalds today and don't work all weekend there!!
-tonight either going boarding or getting hammered in res with jordan and laine
-tommorow getting drunk in res with jordan and laine.. unless i did that friday night in which case... fuck it i might again or do something else that will be fun
(P.S. kelly u look HOT in those pictures)
-and finnally IM GOING BOARDING ON SUNDAY either PK or if im lazy then tabour with laine and prolly justin less he bitches out then jas will be first man i call to step up... thats kinda funny not to be sexist but none of my female friends snowboard.. or well enough to go snowboarding with... where are all teh snowboarder chicks and where can i find them??
that was my msn name 2 nights b4 i meet kelly by the way only this time im going to change it to boarder chicks that aren't going to move away.. :(
wow what a ramble.. so i went to mail ur cds yesterday kelly and the post office closes at 5 oclock which i didn't realise untill 5:45 last night which was 5 mins after i arived at the counter and then started looking around and finnally found the hours they are open.. so today i will mail them 4 you.
this entry acctually will be interesting to read which is good cause it means im not just bitching about my life the whole time... :)
i figure monday thru thursday all my entries.. if i make them will be about life sucking all the rest should be positive.
im going to go shower now.. PEACE
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man my life needs a change [Jan. 6th, 2004|03:50 pm]
ya so today so far is shittey woken up by the alarm clock and then go to work were i serve fat bitchy people there death food.. YA YA. but yesterday was interesting justin threw his brother threw the wall... again.. his mom fucken went off. might move out with brad cause both our folks are being pretty dumb about everything.. but then i think.. brad can be pretty gay sometimes and i can't afford to move out till i get my car paid off and then if i move out i will not be able to save up much money in which case life will be like that 4 a long time. so till i win teh lotery or get a real job(which im trying to do) im stuck at home with the old people who i share DNA with
on a positive note i started to play my sisters acustic and it helps make life suck less..
oh wait its minus 35ish out
fuck u mother nature
im out
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